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  How Hypnosis Works  

Do you have a desire to leave the past behind and strive toward building a successful future?  By tapping into our creative imagination with hypnosis, the subconscious mind offers many possibilities for dynamic life changes.  Through hypnosis, we can free ourselves from negative thoughts, unwanted habits and patterns; and break out of our old “ruts.” 

We have heard it said that we create our own reality with our thoughts, and that the combination of our thoughts and feelings create our experiences.  However, sometimes our resulting negative beliefs, attitudes and emotions can block our creativity and hold us back from achieving what we really want in life.  By using the power of the subconscious mind while in hypnosis, we can learn to reshape our reality and initiate positive change in our lives.    Hypnosis can help eliminate bad habits, build better relationships, and achieve success.

As an example, suppose Mary wishes to eliminate nail biting, a habit that she has had for many years.  She wants to quit, but it is a habit that has taken root into the subconscious mind and she continues to react to old programming.  In order to change this habit, she first needs to communicate with her subconscious mind and plant new information.  Working only on the conscious level to eliminate a habit is like trying to weed a lawn of dandelions by simply cutting off the tops with a lawn mower.  The roots remain imbedded, ready to sprout again.  Through hypnosis, we can program the subconscious mind to work in cooperation with our conscious desires, get to the root of the matter and make positive changes.

The human mind has a creative factor and a critical factor, both of which are necessary for a healthy, productive life.  The creative factor can take you anywhere; it is the child of your subconscious mind.  It is as unquestioning as a computer which complies with whatever information is programmed into it.  It truly believes that you can do anything.  The critical factor, a feature of your conscious mind, is more like the rudder of a ship, it keeps you on course, but it is the pilot of all your inhibitions.  It sends such signals as “I can’t; I won’t” or, “I haven’t been able to before, so I can’t now.”  Its influence is necessary when it prevents you from exposing yourself to danger.  But it needs to be overcome when it paralyzes you into limiting habit patterns or when healthy caution becomes crippling fear.  Whether you want to change a habit or reconstruct your attitudes, your creative factor’s message is “I can; I will; I know that I can make it happen.”  The creative factor frees your unlimited potential, like the sails of a ship that propel you ahead.

To schedule your private hypnosis session, call 919-480-2219.

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